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Sweet Home Sanitation Scholarship
The    CL    School    Board    has    hired The    Nelson    Report,    a    professional public   relations   firm,   who,   "Since   1980,   is   the   leading   provider   of   public opinion    survey    research    and    polling    for    school    districts    and    local government,   business   and   industry   groups   across   the   Pacific   Northwest and    the    US."    We    have    authorized    the    Nelson    Report    to    conduct a completely    anonymous    phone    survey    which    will    begin    the    week of April   23rd.  Caller   ID   will   say   Nelson   Report   or   Public   Affairs   Counsel.     It   will   be   a   503   area   code   number.   Interviewers   will   be   asked   to   leave   a message    so    respondents    can    call    back    and    take    the    survey. Our motivation   is   to   have   an   accurate   understanding   of our   community.    We conducted   our   own   surveys   in   the   past,   in   an   effort   to   save   money,   but we   realize   they   were   not   accurate,   nor   did   we   possess   the   expertise   to undertake   this   large   task.    In   order   to   have   an   accurate   survey,   we   need to maximize the number of participants, which is where you come in.  We   will   be   making   major   decisions   with   the   information gathered   from this   survey   as   we   move   our   District   forward. The   issues   regarding   the viability   of   our   facilities   have   not   gone   away.   We   are   still   trying   to   come up   with   solutions   to   keep   our   schools   safe   and   strong   for   generations   to come.    However,   we   need   your   help   to   do   this by   participating   in   the phone   survey.   Understandably   it   is   hard   in   today's world   when   we   often don't   answer   our   phones   unless   we   recognize   the   number.    So,   please, answer   your   phones.   The   survey   will   only   take   5   minutes   of   your   time and   is   completely   anonymous.    We   realize   that   not everyone will   read this   announcement   so   please   pass   the   word   about   this   phone survey   to   your   friends   and   neighbors.    Thank   you   for   your support    and    understanding.     Together    as    one    Central    Linn Community, let’s make the best decisions possible.   -CL School Board
Veterans Memorial
A Message from the CL School Board
City ROW Cleanup
The   Halsey   City   Council   has   proclaimed   April   2018 as   “Child Abuse   Prevention   and Awareness   Month”   in the City of Halsey. Each    year    there    are    over    500    cases    of    abuse    or neglect   in   Linn   County.   Show   your   support   and   raise awareness   by   “turning   Halsey   blue.”   Blue   pinwheels, blue   streamers,   blue   yard   art   —   all   of   these   show awareness   and   support   for   Child   Abuse   Prevention Month. If you suspect a child is being abused, you can contact: Linn   Benton   Child Abuse   Hot   Line   at   (541)   757-5019   or   866-303-4643, the    Linn    County    Sheriffs    Department    at    (541)    967-3911,    or    the Department of Human Services at (541) 967-2060.
The    City    has    received    several    complaints    about    violations    of    the Municipal   Code   with   regard   to   vehicles   and   personal   property   stored   on the   city   streets.      In   April,   city   staff   will   be   driving   around   the   streets   in Halsey    and    ensuring    that    street    right-of-ways    are    being    used    in compliance   with   the   code.      Please   remember   that   the   Sheriff   can   issue a   citation   for   an   illegally   parked   vehicle   without   prior   notice   from   the City.  Operable   vehicles   may   be   parked   on   the   right   of   ways   for   up   to   72 hours No rubbish, junk or debris can be placed on the public right of way No    inoperable    vehicles    or    vehicles    with    expired    tags    may    be stored on the right of way No   travel   trailers,   campers   or   boats   may   be   stored   on   the   right   of way An   RV,   travel   trailer   or   camper   may   be   parked   in   the   public   right   of way   (and   lived   in)   for   no   more   than   96   hours   within   any   14   day period Semi truck/trailers may be parked on W 1st or W 2nd streets only  Minimum   lane   widths   must   be   maintained   at   all   times,   for   clearance   for emergency vehicles and for everyone’s    safety. The   Halsey   Municipal   Code   may   be   viewed   at   here . Thank   you   so   much for helping to make Halsey a safe and attractive place to live!
Development Code Update
18th Annual City Wide Garage Sale
We   are   planning   the   annual   City   of   Halsey   City-Wide   Garage   Sale!   This year   the   date   is   Saturday   May   5th   from   8:00   a.m.   until   4:00   p.m.         If   you are   interested   in   hosting   a   garage   sale   this   year   and   would   like   your home   put   on   the   map   and   your   sale   items   listed   on   the   flyer,   please contact   Halsey   City   Hall.      There   is   an   $8   fee   to   help   offset   the   cost   of printing    the    garage    sale    ads    and    newspaper    listings.        The    City advertises   in   several   newspapers   and   provides   free   maps   at   the   Halsey Select   Market   and   Shoppe   of   Shalom.   The   sign   up   form   can   be   found on   page   3   of   the   April   Halsey   Happenings .   Come   into   City   Hall   during business   hours   to   turn   in   your   form   and   pay,   or   place   it   in   our   drop   box located in the north parking lot, behind City Hall. There will also be a book sale on May 12th! Check out the Library Page for Details.
Bloom n’ BBQ
Saturday, May 5, 2018 Central Linn Elementary School  Drive Thru Pick Up 11-2:30 pm   Sit Down, Dine In: 3:00-7:00 pm $10 Dinner Includes: ½   of   BBQ   Chicken,   Freshly   Made   Coleslaw,   Dinner   Roll   with   Butter,     Garnished    with    a    Dill    Pickle    Spear,    Two    Varieties    of    Cookies,    & Beverage Themed Raffle Baskets! $1 Per Entry Central Linn High School FFA Plant Sale Funds   raised   go   to   support   our   student   &   teacher   school   activities.   For     more information, or to purchase tickets in advance, call (541)-369-2851
Rogue Farm Corps’ Workshop
The    Planning    Commission    is    starting    work    on    updating    the    Halsey Development   Code.      The   Code   was   adopted   in   2001   and   last   amended in   2007.   Changes   are   being   considered   to   update   it   to   current   standards in   Oregon   law   and   to   make   it   more   modern   and   useable.      Many   of   the proposed   changes   are   based   on   feedback   received   from   the   community over   the   past   five   years.     The   Planning   Commission   will   hold   some   work sessions,   followed   by   a   public   hearing.      The   work   sessions   are   public meetings    and    may    be    attended    like    any    other    but    are    simply    work sessions   for   the   Commission.      The   Public   Hearing   will   be   for   receiving public   feedback   on   the   proposed   revisions.     The   proposed   code   will   also need   to   be   sent   to   the   DLCD   for   review   and   then   adopted   by   the   City Council.      Keep   an   eye   on   the   “public   notices”   page   on   the   website,   the Upcoming   Events   list   in   the   Newsletter,   or   on   the   community   bulletin boards at City Hall and the Post Office for upcoming meetings.
               Ballot Drop Location
Child Abuse Awareness Month
“Oregon Dig Safely Month”
Rogue    Farm    Corps'    is    holding    a    workshop    on   April    30,    2018    titled "Changing    Hands    A    Workshop    on    Farm    Succession    Planning    and Access   to   Land"   at   Sprout!   in   Springfield.   This   class   will   bring   together aspiring   and   retiring   farmers   for   a   full   day   of   training   on   land   access   and succession   planning.   There   will   also   be   some   facilitated   networking   on regional   issues   throughout   the   day   to   begin   to   build   a   community   that will last beyond the workshops. If   you   are   an   aspiring   farmer,    come   learn   about   creative   ways   to   start                 your   farm   business   with   topics   on   finding,   leasing,   financing   and   buying                 agricultural land. If   you   are   a   retiring   farmer,    come   learn   from   experts   about   what   it   takes to   pass   on   your   business   to   the   next   generation   -   keeping   it   in   the   family or finding others to carry it on. These   day-long   workshops   start   with   breakfast   at   7:30am,   the   program begins   at   8:30am   and   goes   through   5:00pm   with   lunch   and   happy   hour included.Register   now   for   just   $20,   including   meals.   Late   registration within 10 days before the event will be $30. For more information and to register, click HERE.
The 2018 Spring Clean-Up Day is set for Saturday May 12th. If you need assistance in moving items to the curb for the day, please contact City Hall. Stuff we take: Old tires Lumber. (Restricted to 4’x4’x4’ stack per household) Metal (separated from other Materials) Plastics (must be bagged or boxed; not loose) *Regular recyclables will not be picked up. Large    furniture    and    mattresses    (cut    to    4’x4’x4’,    limit    2    per household **All   items   must   be   smaller   than   4’x4’x4’   and   weigh   less   than   150   lbs (except refrigerators) Stuff we don’t take: Household    garbage    and    recyclables    (These    items    are    part    of                          your normal service) Household   Hazardous   Waste   (accepted   at   the   Hazardous   Waste Event on October 13, 2018) Unbundled loose trash/garbage Yard debris, sod, or timber Insulation Batteries Electronic Waste If    you    have    a    question    about    a    particular    item,    please    contact Sweet   Home   Sanitation.   Full   details   of   the   event   and   their   contact information can be found HERE . *This   event   is   for   Halsey   Residents   within   the   City   Limits   Only. Allowing out of town dumping could jeapordize the future of this event. ITEMS MUST BE AT THE CURB BY 7AM ON MAY 12TH
Sweet   Home   Sanitation   has   established   a   scholarship   to   recognize   a Central    Linn    High    School    graduating    senior    who    has    demonstrated commitment   to   excellence   in   the   areas   of   leadership,   community   service and academic acheivment. Applications are due by May 1st. Please click HERE for more information.
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Upcoming Events Thursday, April 18th -Planning Commission Worksession, 6pm, Community Center Saturday, April 21st -Book-It Library 5K Walk/Run, Registration begins at 8 am, Halsey City Park REOCURRING EVENTS: Coffee & Donuts Wednesdays at 9am, Community Center. All are Welcome! Fiber Fridays Grab your current craft project and head to Ewethful Fiber Mill  at 891 West 1st Street for social time. Each Friday from 10am to 3pm.
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This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.  If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form.  You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form.  Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442, or email at
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The City of Halsey is pleased to announce that City Hall will soon be an official Ballot Drop Location!  This change will take effect for the May 2018 Election. The box will be located inside of City Hall, and will be accessible during regular business hours. City Hall will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on Election Day, May 15th. Please do not drop ballots in the payment drop box located behind the building in the North parking lot.
SALEM,   Ore.   –   In   time   for   spring   gardening   and   home   improvement projects,   Governor   Kate   Brown   proclaims   April   as   “Oregon   Dig   Safely Month”.   This    serves    as    a    reminder    to    all    Oregon    homeowners    and contractors   to   call   811   before   digging   to   have   underground   facilities, such    as    natural    gas    pipelines,    electrical    utilities,    telecommunication systems, as well as sewer and water lines marked. “We     join     the     governor     in     strongly     encouraging     individuals     and companies   to   call   811   before   digging,”   said   Lisa   Hardie,   Oregon   Public Utility   Commission   Chair.   “This   is   an   important   step   when   planting   a tree,   installing   a   fence,   or   doing   a   major   remodel,   that   will   help   avoid injury,   disruption   of   utility   service   for   your   community,   penalties,   and potential repair costs.” The   Oregon   Utility   Notification   Center   (OUNC),   who   operates   the   free 811   one-call   center,   will   notify   the   affected   local   utility   companies   that serve   the   area   of   the   planned   project.   Utility   staff   will   visit   the   project   site to   mark   the   approximate   location   of   the   underground   lines,   pipes   and cables in the planned digging area. “Call    811    at    least    two    and    no    more    than    10    business    days    before planning   to   dig,”   said   Nate   Rivera,   OUNC   Board   Chair.   “Please,   air   on the   side   of   caution   and   call   811   even   if   just   planting   small   plants.   Some utility lines can run just a few inches below the surface.” Statistics   show   that   buried   utility   lines   in   the   United   States   are   struck every   six   minutes.   In   2016   an   estimated   379,000   line   strikes   occurred nationwide,   20   percent   of   which   were   due   to   insufficient   notice   to   the 811 service. To   reduce   the   number   of   line   strikes   in   Oregon,   there   are   strong   local partnerships   with   the   OUNC,   Oregon   Occupational   Safety   and   Health Administration    (OSHA),    and    the    Oregon    Public    Utility    Commission (OPUC) to enhance the communication link and improve safety efforts. For    more    information    or    to    request    a    representative    to locate utility lines for an upcoming digging project, call 811.