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Upcoming Events 9/11-9/16 Library Closed for Inventory Thursday, 9/14 Central Linn Lions Meeting, United Methodist Church, 6pm Wednesday, 9/20 Veterans Memorial Park Meeting, City Hall, 2 pm Saturday, 9/23 Crop Hunger Walk, 10:30 am, SV United Methodist Church REOCURRING EVENTS: Coffee & Donuts Wednesdays at 9am, Community Center. Welcome!
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This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.  If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form.  You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form.  Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442, or email at
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The   backflow   device   is   located   in   the   ground   behind   your   water   meter.   The purpose   of   the   backflow   device   is   to   act   as   a   one-way   valve   in   order   to keep   the   water   that   has   entered   your   water   lines   from   returning   to   the City’s water lines.  A diagram of the backflow device is on the right. It   is   Oregon   Law   that   once   backflow   devices   are   installed,   they   must   be checked   annually.      The   City   tests   all   the   backflows   at   once   in   order   to   save the   citizens   some   money.      This   $20   fee   is   billed   each   year   in   October   on the utility bill. The   testing   of   the   backflow   devices   will   begin   in   the   fall.      During   the   testing, your   water   service   may   be   interrupted   for   about   15   minutes.      If   you   should have   any   questions   regarding   the   backflow   device,   please   feel   free   to contact Halsey City Hall.
The    annual    Household    Hazardous    Waste    Event    at    Sweet    Home Sanitation   will   be   on   Saturday   October   14th   from   10-4:30   at   the   Sweet Home Transfer Station at 1325 18th Ave, Sweet Home, OR. All   Sweet   Home   Sanitation   residential   garbage   customers   are   eligible to   drop   off   up   to   300   lbs   of   non-paint   material.      Please   bring   a   copy   of your   recent   garbage   bill   to   show   you   are   a   current   customer.      If   you   are not    a    current    customer,    you    can    participate    for    $10.        Commercial customers   can   participate   for   $15.      If   you   are   not   a   current   customer, you need to call ahead of time.  What they take: -Gas, diesel, oil filters -Paint (Maximum 5 gal container size) -Fertilizers,   pesticides,   herbicides,   solvents,   paint   thinners,   fluorescent light bulbs -Cleaners, bleach, propane,  prescriptions What they don’t take: -Explosives -Radioactive material -Biological/infectious -Needles/syringes -Asbestos For more information, call:(541) 367-2535 or (888) 325-5068
Annual Backflow Device Testing
The   2017   Fall   Clean   Up   Day   is   scheduled   for   Saturday,   October   7th.   This is   an   event      put   on   by   Sweet   Home   Sanitation   in   partnership   with   the   City to   supplement   regular   garbage   services.   Out   of   the   ordinary   items   that   are not usually accepted are picked up during this event. The   2017   Spring   Clean   Up   Day   left   room   for   improvement.   High   volumes of   items,   as   well   as   very   large   or   heavy   items   were   placed   on   the   curb   to be   picked   up.   These   items   were   cumbersome   to   load,   and      quickly   filled Sweet   Home   Sanitation’s   trucks.   This   resulted   in   more   trips   back   to   their station   to   unload,   and   residents   who   had   nothing   picked   up   at   all.   This event   is   for   residents   within   Halsey   city   limits   only.   Please   do   not   allow anyone   from   out   of   town   to   place   items   in   front   of   your   house,   or   the   future of this event could be jeopardized. The   city   has   worked   with   Sweet   Home   Sanitation   to   find   ways   to   improve the   event.      The   list   of   accepted   items   has   been   reviewed   and   updated   in an   effort   to   provide   a   clear   list   of   what   is   accepted,   and   to   help   the   event run more smoothly. Please carefully review the list of acceptable items found here. This   event   is   a   wonderful   benefit   to   Halsey.   Other   towns      do   not   have curbside   pickup,   and   must   transport   their   items   to   a   central   location   for disposal.   Please   help   us   keep   this   event   a   curbside   service   by   abiding   by the list.
Crop Hunger Walk
The   Central   Linn   County   Crop   Hunger   Walk   will   be   held   September   23rd   at 10:30   a.m.     You   can   register   online   here ,   or   at   10:00   that   morning.      We   walk 10K   (6.3mi)   in   solidarity   with   those   around   the   world   who   must   walk   10K simply   to   access   clean   drinking   water.      We   accept   donations   which   help people   in   our   own   communities   as   well   as   people   around   the   world   gain access   to   clean,   safe   drinking   water,   healthy   food,   and   fuel   to   prepare   the food    they    need.        25%    of    donations    go    directly    to    Sharing    Hands    in Brownsville   to   help   our   nearby   neighbors.      Church   World   Service   distributes the funds we raise to provide real solutions to the world's hunger problems. We'll   meet   at   Spirit   of   the   Valley   UMC   at   the   corner   of   3rd   and   F   Streets   at 10:00   a.m.   and   take   off   at   10:30.      If   you   don't   feel   up   to   the   full   6.3   miles, we'll   have   someone   available   to   bring   you   back   to   the   church,   or   you   can walk   our   "miracle   mile"   around   the   block   or   into   the   church,   and   you   can   still be part of something big!  If   you   register   to   walk   online,   you   can   set   up   your   own   web   link   to   the Central    Linn    County    Walk    and    reach    out    to    your    connections    to    raise awareness and funds for the Walk.  Upon   returning   to   the   church,   you’ll   be   greeted   by   friendly   smiles,   bowls   of soup,   cider,   and   snacks.      Come   out   for   a   fun   time   of   community   spirit   and intentional   giving.      Contact   David   Scranage   (541-995-6185)   for   a   pledge envelope.      Suggested   starting   personal   pledge   is   $10,   but   join   us   whether you can give or not!