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The City Budget is the financial plan for a one year period. All cities in Oregon have a fiscal year that begins on July 1st, and ends on June 30th. This schedule is set by the state. Cities in Oregon must plan a balanced budget, meaning the available funds and expenses must be equal. Operating costs, as well as reserves for unexpected events or future projects are all all accounted for. The budget allows the city to spend money, and sets a limit on how much can be spent. For more information on how the budget works, see the “Budgeting Basics” link to the left. The process of creating the budget begins in April of each year, and must be completed by June 30th. Click on the“Budget Calendar” link to the left for more details on the budget process timeline.
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The budget committee is an advisory group that consists of an equal number of citizens and council members. The purpose of the committee is to review and approve the proposed budget each year. Below are the members currently serving on the committee.

City Budget

Budget Committee

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Are you interested in having a voice in how dollars are put to work in Halsey? If so, you should consider applying for the budget committee! Applications are accepted in January and February of each year. Applicants must be qualified voters. Watch the newsletter for more information.  
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Audits The city is audited each year by professional auditors from an independent company. The three most recent audits are available here. Older audits are available on the Secretary of State’s webpage.  
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