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I graduated from Lebanon Union High School.  I’ve lived in Halsey for 34 years.  I married my husband Greg in 1976.  We have four boys, Jeremy, Benji, Adam and Noah, and three grandchildren: Ava (5) and Emmett (2) and newborn Cyrus.  I drove a bus for Central Linn High School for twelve years, and I’ve worked for the City of Halsey since 2005.  I like taking pictures, doing puzzles, and making petunias grow!
I was born and raised in Oregon.  I graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2000.  I met Jason that same year, and we’ve been married since 2002.  We have three dogs, Copper, Katie and Henry.  We moved to Halsey in 2011 when we bought our house.  In my spare time I paint, draw, and print, and I like taking photographs.  I also read a lot.  I love Halsey because it’s small and friendly.
Andy Ridinger Public Works Director
Martha Chamberlain Municipal Clerk
Hilary Norton City Administrator/City Recorder
Randy McMillen Utility Worker
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I grew up in Brownsville, and have lived there all my life.  I graduated from Central Linn High School.  I’ve been married to my wife Sheila for 29 years, and we have three kids and two grandkids.  In my free time I like to hunt and fish and play golf and play my guitar.  I’ve worked for the City since 1999.  I am certified in water and wastewater distribution, collection and treatment, and I am a certified cross connection specialist.
My name is Randy McMillen and I have the world’s best commute to work. I’ve been with Halsey Public Works since August of 2013.  I’ve been a volunteer firefighter with Halsey-Shedd Rural Fire Department since July of 2011. My current hobbies include paint ball, wheelin my Jeep Cherokee, and mountain biking. I’ve lived here in Halsey since 2003 and grew up mostly in Tangent. I met my wife Katie here in 2004 and we married in 2008. We have 2 beautiful daughters together (Kaylee and Roxanne) with no plans to expand. We also have a crazy German Shepherd named Zora who has been with us since Kaylee was born, they’re only 5 months apart and best buds for life.
TJ Gillson Librarian
My husband and I have lived in Halsey many years.  We raised our family here.  I am very much a small town girl.  Trips to the, "big cities," like Eugene or Salem wear me out.  I am always thrilled to step over the threshold of my home in this wonderful town.  It has always  been a dream of mine to be able to work in the town I live in.  Instead I have commuted to Lebanon and Corvallis for employment.  At long last I am able to do the thing I love in the town I love.  I look forward to meeting and serving everyone.
Courtesy of The Times,   Photo by Jorden Parrish