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“I cannot live without books”             -- Thomas Jefferson
Halsey City Library
“Book in a Month” Club
Christmas Open House
Friday, December 8th from 6pm-8pm Come   and   celebrate   the   season   with   hot   cider,   cookies,   and   Christmas music.    The    first    30    guests    will    receive    a    magnet    and    a    ribbon bookmark. Please join us for treats and Christmas fun!
“Book in a Month” Club
Have   you   ever   thought   you   would   like   to   write   a   book?    What   stopped you?    Did   you   get   discouraged   mid-way?    Did   you   have   writers   block?  Did   you   sit   at   the   computer   with   your   head   full   of   ideas   but   your   screen blank?     Perhaps    all    you    needed    was    a    little    encouragement    and someone   to   hold   you   accountable.    November   is,   “Write   a   Book   in   a Month,”   month.    In   honor   of   that   we   have   purchased   a   number   of   books with    the    same    theme    and    are    offering    to    host    a    gathering    every Thursday evening in November (except Thanksgiving) from 7 to 8 pm.