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“I cannot live without books”             -- Thomas Jefferson
Halsey City Library
Train Display Come and check out the new train display at the Library! Thank you Mike McBride for sharing part of your collection with us.
Library Fines Library Patrons, Did   you   know   that   there   is   an   overdue   fine   for   all   late   materials?      Yes,   it is   twenty   cents   per   day   with   a   maximum   of   $1.00   per   week.     This   fine   is accumulated   and   added   to   your   record   when   overdue   materials   are returned.      Since   we   have   an   outside   drop   box   many   of   you   may   have returned   items   there,   and   not   in   person,   resulting   in   your   not   being made aware of your late fees.  Today,   September   22nd,   as   I   was   making   a   flyer   to   let   you   all   know   of our   upcoming   “Fine   Forgiveness   Week,”   which   is   a   week   that   fines   can be   forgiven   in   exchange   for   canned   goods   being   brought   to   the   library, an   anonymous   benefactor   came   in   and   paid   all   of   your   late   fees.      This person   did   not   pay   for   lost   book   fees.      Therefore,   we   will   not   be   having that   event.      Instead   we   can   all   rejoice   and   be   thankful   that   your   fines are paid.  In   the   future   if   you   have   fines   it   will   be   declared   to   you   at   your   next check   out.      I   do   not   anticipate   your   fines   being   paid   anonymously   in   the future.      So,   please,   be   mindful   of   the   date   stamp   in   the   back   of   your books.      If   you   are   not   able   to   return   your   books   on   time,   just   give   us   a call   and   we   can   renew   them   for   you.      Sometimes,   we   may   even   give you   a   courtesy   call   letting   you   know   you   have   and   overdue,   or   about   to be   due,   book.      This   is   only   a   courtesy   call   and   I   encourage   you   not   to rely upon it exclusively as we are only able to do this as time allows.  Thank you for your patronage, TJ Gillson, Librarian
Have   you   ever   thought   you   would   like   to   write   a   book?    What   stopped you?    Did   you   get   discouraged   mid-way?    Did   you   have   writers   block?  Did   you   sit   at   the   computer   with   your   head   full   of   ideas   but   your   screen blank?     Perhaps    all    you    needed    was    a    little    encouragement    and someone   to   hold   you   accountable.    November   is,   “Write   a   Book   in   a Month,”   month.    In   honor   of   that   we   have   purchased   a   number   of   books with    the    same    theme    and    are    offering    to    host    a    gathering    every Thursday   evening   in   November   (except   Thanksgiving)   from   7   to   8   pm.  We   will   kick-off   our   “club”   by   inviting   you   to   meet   our   very   own   Jennifer Riley   on   Friday   October   27th   at   6   pm.     Jennifer   has   recently   published a   book   and   will   share   her   inspiration   and   the   vehicle   she   used   to   have her   book   published.    There   will   be   light   refreshments.    Details   about   the weekly gathering will be shared at that time.  Hope to see you there.
“Book in a Month” Club & Author Presentation