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“I cannot live without books”             -- Thomas Jefferson
Halsey City Library
Upcoming Closure for Inventory The Library will be closed Monday, September 11th through Saturday, September 16th for inventory.
Summer Reading Program 2017 The   Halsey   Library   2017   Summer   Reading   Program   has   come   to   a close. The   program   kicked   off   on   June   26th   at   the   community   center   with Jugglemania,    an    exciting    performance    by    professional    juggler    Rhys Thomas.   On   July   8th,   participants   gathered   outside   the   Library   for   Ag- Day,   an   event   put   on   by Agriculture   in   the   Classroom.      Children   ground wheat    into    flour,    and    made    butter-all    in    an    effort    to    help    them understand    where    our    food    comes    from.    Coinciding    with    the    2017 “Build   a   Better   World”   Theme,   a   mural   was   painted   near   the   Library. Administrator   Norton   painted   the   base   of   the   mural,   and   children   added their   handprints   for   the   finishing   touch   on   July   22nd. The   program   came to   a   close   on   July   29th,   with   an   event   at   the   community   center   with certificates, prizes, and ice cream. We   hope   that   this   program   helped   children   build   upon   their   literacy skills   over   the   summer   and   have   some   fun!   Thank   you   to   all   of   the volunteers,   staff,   and   participants   who   made   this   a   success.   We   are looking forward to next year!