Oregon law requires permits for a range of work on your home to ensure that the improvements meet minimum building standards to ensure safety. Permits are required for all new construction as well as for specific alterations to existing homes, including structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical changes or installation.  Most construction projects will require a permit. City staff can tell you if a permit is required.  The Halsey Development Code is also available on this website as a drop down under the Administration tab, or click here.   The City of Halsey contracts with Linn County for building code review and inspections. Once the building permit has been approved by the city, it is forwarded to Linn County for this process. To schedule an inspection, you will contact Linn County Building at 1-541-967-3816. Electrical permits are handled directly through Linn County.  You can contact them at Linn County Planning & Building (541) 967-3816 or at For more information on building permits and/or fee calculations, please contact City Hall at (541) 369-2522 between 8 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday or at    Timeline Please be aware that most Residential and Commercial Building Permits, and Manufactured Home Permits must be reviewed by the City Planner and then by Linn County.  Because of this, a permit for a new single family house can take about 5 to 6 weeks and a commercial permit may take longer if it requires a Site Design Review which includes a Planning Commission Meeting.  City staff will expedite your application to the best of their ability, but it will still take time.  So if you have a big project coming up, please plan ahead and submit your permit application early. Land Use Planning applications (Partitions, Lot Line Adjustments, Subdivisions, Variances, and others) have various processes as defined by the Halsey Development Code (HDC.)  Many require review by the City Planner and the Planning Commission and can take several weeks or longer, due to requirements for noticing and the logistics involved in processing a more complicated application.  Depending on the type of application, they may require a surveyor and/or a civil engineer and professionally drawn plat maps.  If you are getting ready to submit a Land Use Planning Application, please contact city staff for more information on the process required by that kind of application. Pre-Planning If you are considering a major project, a land use application, or something complicated that might require variances, you have the option of requesting a Pre- Planning Meeting.  The Pre-Planning Meeting will cost $200.  That $200 would then be deducted from the $1000 deposit charged by the City for Land Use Applications or Site Design Review Applications.  This is meant to give applicants with a complex project access to the City Staff to determine feasibility.  Certain kinds of applications are governed by “Type III -- Quasi-Judicial” processes -- these applications require a Pre-Planning Conference.  Examples of a Type III application would be an application to change Zoning, a Subdivision with more than four lots, or a Class C Variance.
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